DIY Harry Potter Balloon Garland Kit

DIY Harry Potter Balloon Garland Kit

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Balloon garlands are the perfect party decoration and backdrop for your photos! This easy kit includes all the premium supplies to make your very own beautiful garland.

There's no need to run around to find all the supplies you need and try to come up with a pleasing colour palette. The balloon colours have been curated for you to go perfectly with each of our party themes.

In addition to the supplies in the balloon kit, you'll also have access to our exclusive video guide and simple step-by-step written instructions.

Ballerina DIY Balloon Garland Kit

- 5" and 12" biodegradable professional latex balloons in the most beautiful shades of amber, chrome burgundy, and black.
- Balloon tape
- Exclusive access to our simple step-by-step video guide, tutorial, and FAQ.

The Balloon Garland Kit comes in two sizes: 5 ft long and 10 ft long garland

We highly recommend you purchase a balloon hand pump or electronic pump to blow up your balloons.

Don't see the colours you're looking for? We can create a custom DIY balloon garland kit for you!

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