Our Story

To spread joy through the love of cake and celebrations and
help you create beautiful memories with the people you love

We bring you the best in modern cake and party decor
to make your party planning easy and fun!
Hello and welcome! 
I've always loved eating cake and throwing a great party. From an early age, I would bake cakes and help my parents with their dinner parties. Later in life when my kids came along (surprise, twins!) I set out to create magical celebrations for them and my friends and family. It was challenging to find stylish options and so time consuming to source everything I needed from different stores.
We treasure making memories with loved ones but bringing all the elements of a party together is no easy feat. Jolista was envisioned as a way to get back to savouring the simple joy of gathering our friends and family together and celebrating life's special moments.
Inspired by worlds of art and design, nature, and modern mixes of patterns and colours, we design and source unique products to bring you a fresh approach to parties. We choose quality products from select party and lifestyle brands and design our own line of handmade cake decorations. Our shop features stylish tableware and cake and party decor — all in one place.
Let's party!
Sandra xo
Founder, Jolista

hey, how cool is this portrait drawn by my daughter?