Custom Phrase Banner BLOCK LETTERS
Custom Phrase Banner BLOCK LETTERS

Custom Phrase Banner BLOCK LETTERS

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Create a personalized party with a bespoke phrase banner! Bring your chosen theme to life and spell out your unique phrase. Make your party one-of-a-kind with a custom phrase banner!ย 

Custom Phrase Banner - BLOCK letters
  • Custom letter banner made to order
  • Choice of premium smooth, metallic foil, and glitter cardstock
  • Block letters are 4" high
  • Letters are individually pre-strung on a neutral cord, with the option to move the letters to the desired spacing. An extra 24" of cord is included on each end.
  • Pricing is per letter
  • Option to add a shape to match your theme (e.g. a sun for a sunshine birthday).ย 
  • The assembled size of the banner varies depending on the number of letters and your desired spacing between the letters.

To order:

  1. Order the number of letters in your custom phrase
  2. Add the phrase in the personalized box above and if desired a simple shape to match your theme. Please specify the shape in brackets [ ] in the personalization box above e.g. FIRST TRIP [SUN] AROUND THE SUN
  3. Specify your desired material and colour in the personalization box

If you don't see the colour you're looking for, you can contact us to customize the colour of the cardstock to match your event, pending availability. An extra fee may apply for custom colours.

The smooth card stock is two sided, the glitter card stock is white on the back, and the foil card stock is kraft colour on the back.

Designed and handmade by Jolista

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