Guide for DIY Balloon Garland Kit

Balloon garlands are the on-trend party decoration! You don't need helium or to hire a balloon artist to have a fabulous balloon arrangement and wow your guests at your next party. It's easy and fun to put a balloon garland together yourself and we'll show you how.

Our Balloon Garland Kits come with the premium supplies you need to create your very own fabulous garland. There's no need to run around trying to find all the supplies and come up with a pleasing colour palette - the balloons have already been curated for you. You can just have some fun putting the garland together!

In addition to the balloon kit, you'll have access to our exclusive how-to video and simple step-by-step instructions.

Your Balloon Kit includes:

* A variety of professional latex balloons in 5" and 11" sizes and a customized colour palette, curated by hand

* Balloon strip (also called balloon tape)

* Curling ribbon or string to attach to the ends of the balloon strip for hanging

* This easy step-by-step guide and video tutorial

Let's begin!

How to make a balloon garland - Tips and Tutorial

It's so easy to create a balloon garland. We highly recommend you use a hand pump or an electric inflator to blow up the balloons. This will save you so much time! Balloon pumps are inexpensive and can be easily purchased online, and can used for future balloon projects.


Your Jolista balloon garland kit comes with professional latex balloons in various sizes and colours as well as the balloon tape. 

Watch our video tutorial and learn the basic steps for putting your balloon garland together. We highly recommend watching the video for beginners. You can also learn some pro tips to make your garland look more professional.

Step 1: Inflate the 11" balloons

Start with inflating your 11" balloons.

PRO TIP: Blow up your balloons so that they have a "pear" shape and then release a bit of air by pushing on the balloon to give it a rounded shape. The video shows you exactly how this is done and the shape you're aiming for. This is optional of course, but rounded balloons give your garland that pro look!

Step 2: Inflate the 5" balloons

Use the same approach to blow up the 5" balloons. These balloons will be used to give the garland more dimension and make it fuller.

Step 3: Tie the 5" balloons and 11" balloons together

Create duplets with the 5" and 11" balloons. A duplet is simply two balloons tied together to form a pair. Tie each 5" balloon to a 11" balloon.

Don't worry about the colours of the balloons that you are pairing together. For organic garlands, the colours are mixed so you don't have to worry about following a specific pattern. If you prefer colour blocking, match up the colours of the balloon pairs.

Attaching the 5" balloons to the 11" balloons makes your garland appear fuller and gives it dimension, without having to resort to using glue dots, which are less secure.

You will have some 11" balloons left over. The kit has been designed to allow for a mix of sizes to achieve a balanced and full design.

Step 4: Add the balloons to the balloon strip

Now the fun really begins! Time to assemble the balloons on the balloon strip (also called balloon tape, even though it's not sticky in any way).

TIP: To make it easier to add balloons to the strip, you can string one end of the balloon strip and tie it to the back of a chair. Repeat on the other side. (Your kit comes with two lengths of curling ribbon that you can use for this purpose and then use later to hang your garland). Then pull the chairs apart until the balloon strip is straight. You're now ready to add your balloons.

Start with a duplet. Insert the balloon neck through the larger hole and then slide gently over the the smaller hole to secure. Repeat with the other balloons, alternating inserting the balloons on both sides of the strip.

Feel free to use the suggested pattern below if you like or just add balloons in your own preferred pattern. The only rule is that you alternate the side of the tape when adding the balloons.

TIP: You should try to add a balloon in every hole for optimal fullness, but if you're finding it's too tight, skip a hole and keep going.

Step 5: You're all done! 

Hang your beautiful garland and enjoy!

For answers to frequently asked questions and tips on hanging balloon garlands, see the FAQ below. 

Balloon Kits FAQ

Yes. Our premium latex balloons can last 1-2 weeks (or longer) once inflated, if kept indoors. For an optimal look, we recommend assembling your garland 1-2 days before the event.

Balloons are temperature sensitive. Please don't leave balloons in a hot car or in direct sunlight. Extreme temperature fluctuations could cause the balloons to pop. Store the balloon garland in a cool place, out of direct sunlight. 

This will depend on the length of the garland and whether you're using a hand pump or an electric inflator. For most people, it will take about an hour to assemble a 5-6 ft garland using a hand pump.

To hang the garland on a wall, we recommend using removable command hooks.

For simple garlands under 6 ft that you are hanging indoors, you can use two small 0.5 lb or 1 lb weight command hooks. For larger garlands, garlands with added embelishments (like flowers), or outdoor installations, we recommend using two or more 3 lb command hooks. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to attach the hooks to your wall.

You can use a piece of string or curling ribbon to thread through the holes on each end of the balloon strip and tie a loop to reach the hooks on the wall.

Yes, but keep in mind that outdoor installations can be challenging. Balloons oxidize (they lose their shine and go matte) when exposed to air and sunlight. In addition, hot temperatures may cause balloons to pop. You also need to make sure that your attachment points are very secure in windy conditions.

We generally recommend you only install ballloons outdoor in the shade and in sheltered locations.

Yes, we use 100% biodegradable professional grade balloons made of natural latex in all our garland kits.

Balloon garlands can last up to a few weeks if kept indoors. After the event, you can consider giving your garland away so it can be reused.

To dispose of the garland, we recommend popping the balloons with a sharp object and cutting up the balloons into small pieces so that they decompose faster.

Never release balloons into the environment. Balloons can be choking hazard for small children or animals.

Never leave balloon unattended or allow pets or children under the age of 8 to play with balloons unsupervised. Balloons can be choking hazard.