Top Party Trends for 2023

While we believe parties are best celebrated in your own unique style, it's fun to see what's fresh and new. Let's look ahead and see what's trending in the party world. Taking our queues from leading party experts, the latest fashion runways, and trend forecasters, we've rounded up all our favourite party trends for 2023.

1. Colour me bold

Our love affair with retro boho colours and muted pastels has been going strong for years. In 2023, colours will go bold and the designs will favour a more simple and modern aesthetic.

The bright + bold floral trend that started in 2022 will continue to blossom in 2023. While traditional blushes and neutrals remain a classic choice, we'll be seeing large-scale florals in mood boosting colours - think fuchsia, bright yellow and orange, and deep purple.

Images: Molly Lo Photography (left), Melissa Stimpson Infinite Events (right)

Viva Magenta is the Pantone colour of the Year and we're loving this confident, uplifting, and fearless colour. Choose this as an accent colour or go tonal with different shades of pink-red for your next party.


Pink remains a perennial favourite. With the Barbiecore trend still going strong and the Barbie movie coming out in July 2023, we predict we'll be seeing more vibrant pinks everywhere this year. Even if you shy away from using pink as the main colour in your party decor, a little pink accent adds the perfect little bit of pep to any party.

Images: Barbie Party by Kate Bonderman of Posh Party Bebes

2. Go big

Just like colour, decorations are going big and bold. After staying home and postponing celebrations over the last few years, we're ready to party in a big way and people are looking for decor options that make a statement.

You can achieve this look at any budget – the key is to pay attention to scale and repetition. The bigger, the better! The Meri Meri fun icon garland perfectly captures this trend.

Image: Meri Meri

3. Personalize Everything

Parents are personalizing their children's parties by choosing custom accents for their party decor. We're seeing custom backdrops, balloon accents, personalized party favours, custom cake toppers, and personalized table settings. Say goodbye to generic parties that lack personality and instead make sure your party reflects your own unique style and taste.

Image: @__amoredecor

Here's where working with trusted vendors is important. We love it when our clients come to us with a novel theme and we help them bring their idea to life. We believe it's the little details that make a celebration truly special and unique. A trusted vendor can guide you through what can otherwise be an overwhelming process and help you create a special and personal experience for your child and guests.

Image: Jolista

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4. Nature Party Themes

Our love of nature is inspiring the worlds of fashion, home decor, and yes, even  parties! Nature inspired party themes continue to be popular and incorporate elements like mushrooms, trees, wildflowers, animals (birds and butterflies for example) and decor items with woodsy textures like tree bark or wood slices.

Image: Meri Meri

Woodland and Fairy parties capture this organic and whimsical aesthetic. Natural elements can help to create a sense of whimsy and enchantment and transport guests to a magical world that feels far removed from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Nature-inspired parties provide an opportunity to connect with nature and to celebrate the beauty of the natural world. Whether you are planning a birthday party, a bridal shower or any other type of celebration, incorporating elements of the natural world can help to create a magical and memorable event that your guests are sure to love.

5. Sustainable Choices

We've had a eye towards sustainable party supplies since we started dreaming of opening a party store. Choices for sustainable partyware have been limited in the past but we're thrilled to see this rapidly changing. Consumers are seeking more sustainable choices and party brands are delivering. We're seeing more compostable tableware, responsibly sourced FSC paper goods, and fabric decor. Not only are the materials themselves eco-friendly, but the decorations are being made to last and be reused or repurposed.

Image: Meri Meri 

Image: Meri Meri

The party world is evolving and we're here for it! At Jolista we will continue to evolve our sustainability journey in 2023 so you can shop with confidence and know you're leaving a better world for your littles.

6. The Modern Cake

Modern bakers are turning to nature to decorate their edible sweet creations. The floral cake trend is still going strong, with both buttercream and fresh florals adorning the top of cakes. There's a growing trend towards more informal and natural look of wildflowers on cakes.

Image: @alexlarosa

While round cakes are not going anywhere, the reimagined slab cake is becoming popular. And we can see why. They not only serve a large crowd, they're easy to portion out and they can look elevated.

Image: @newjunebakery

Another trend we're seeing is the search for more affordable cake options. You can elevate the simplest cake with statement candles and a cake topper, whether you bake the cake yourself or buy it. Our best BUSY MOM HACK: order a plain white cake from the grocery store and then top with fun candles and a custom cake topper. They'll never guess!

Image: Meri Meri

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7. Puppy Parties

Puppy parties are in! Whether you're celebrating your child's birthday with a doggy themed party, or celebrating your furry best friend, no one can resist this cute theme!

Image: Meri Meri

Remember to celebrate your pet! They provide us with so much joy and they deserve the world. Stay tuned for our pet collection that will launch later this year.

 Image: Jolista

8. Gender Neutral Themes

We're calling this trend. Gender-neutral parties are becoming increasingly popular as it allows children to express themselves without the pressure of gender stereotypes. Choose a theme that doesn't cater to one gender over the other. Themes like superheroes, safari animals, dinosaurs, or unicorns can be enjoyed by all children regardless of their gender. You could also consider more abstract themes such as an art party, sunshine party, or ice cream party. Throwing a gender-neutral party for your child can be a fun and inclusive way to celebrate their special day.


We hope we inspired you with our Party Trend picks for 2023. Trends are fun and inspiring but we always encourage you to choose what you love. Don't be afraid to express yourself and make your party your own. We love it when our clients come to us with unique ideas and we help them bring their vision to life. Now go forth and be BOLD in 2023!

We're curious, which trend is your favourite? Name your favourite trend for 2023 in the comments below!


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